Thursday, October 21, 2010

ISEA - The view from the window

The university in Dortmund, where most of the ISEA conference is taking place, offers another fascinating view from the window. I come across this view more or less by accident, when I walk from one conference room to the other. It is a black bird sitting on the roof.

I quickly take a photo. But something is strange. The bird has only one leg, which is connected to a bucket. The bucket is standing on the roof of the buildings inbetween the university buildings. The bird is made from metal or maybe plastic. It cannot move, it just sits there. It seems to be fine, confident, sitting where it is.

Maybe it's looking at the plastic bag which is lying on another part of the roof, lying on a part of the composition of which it is not clear if it is a horizontal or vertical area.

I take another photo to zoom out. The composition remains strange as it is. One detail which adds to the composition, but which is invisible on the photo, is a big german flag which is painted on the wall, right next to the bird. I take another photo.

Who has painted the flag? Why? Who has placed the bird on the roof? Is this meant as an art work? Did someone make this composition on purpose? Did anyone here notice the bird?

Without an answer I continue to the room where the next session is taking place, a session about 'New Art Theory'.

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