Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ISEA - African Digital Art

There is one panel that I manage to see in Dortmund after the morning session and just before my own presentation. It is a panel about digital art in Africa. Several lecturers from different countries show their projects. It is a pity that the african artists are not more present throughout the whole conference, because some of the works are really interesting.

There is an artist from Cameroon, with a very short, but very interesting presentation. I would like to ask him a little more about his work after the presentations, but I am forced to leave the room before the session is over, because my own lecture is starting in the other room. So all I do is ask him for a contact address. Instead he gives me a dvd, which has ended up in my pile of ISEA2010 materials. As soon as I will find time to watch it, I will post a link here on the blog.

One link that I  can post here now, is a project by a woman from Kenya, who also has a presentation in this panel. She has started a website with links to many different projects: http://www.africandigitalart.com/ I can recommend this website to get to know more about african digital art.

The photo below is also from the session about african digital art. It is my view from the window, while listening to the talks. I was fascinated by the window composition and had to take a photo of it...

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