Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the road through Germany - part one

It was the day after Germany had lost the semi-final against Spain, when we drove on the A3 motorway all the way from Duisburg to Passau. Traffic was slow in the morning rush hour before Köln. While standing almost still in the early traffic jam, I noticed the flags along the highway.

Small German flags, dirty and broken, were lying in the grass next to the road. Small flags, the ones that can be mounted onto a car, sticking out at the roof. Looking at the flags I imagined disappointed people, listening to the soccer game while driving home in their cars. I imagined angry people ripping off the flags from their cars, just after the game was finished, throwing the flags along the side of the road, while still driving on the motorway.

At first I saw just a few of those flags. But as we slowly moved on in the traffic jam, I noticed more and more of those flags along the way. It was a strange image, especially since there was still one more game to play for Germany.

We were standing still for quite some time, trying to reach Köln in the traffic jam. But all this time, moving so slowly, I didn't manage to make a good photo. I've tried to catch quite some of the flags with my camera, but practically all of them turned into a vague combination of colors merging with the side of the road once captured on the photo.

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