Thursday, September 2, 2010

ISEA - Why

You may wonder now, why do I drive all the way to Germany, to spend the whole morning listening to lectures of which I am not able to recall anything afterwards? And why do I drive all the way to a conference to spend half the day walking around the area?

Well, maybe here I  do have to refer to Brian Massimo's talk. The only thing that I understood from his lecture, for which I drove such a long time to be there, was that it had something to do about the relation of different events, that seemed to be not related to each other at all. And that he was trying to find out how these events were influencing each other and how they were influencing art history and art in general.

And maybe I misunderstood all that from his lecture. But while walking around the terrain, completely amazed by the totally unexpected area, it occurred to me, that very often that is exactly the reason why I am going to a symposium. The symposium is just a starting point, which creates an event, an experience, that is different for anyone. I know, that when I will go there, that I will come across many new interesting people and many new interesting places, of which existence I otherwise would never have known...

On purpose I spend the whole morning listening to lectures which I cannot recall, exactly to have the experience of discovering an unexpected place in the afternoon...

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