Thursday, August 5, 2010

Connecting virtual reality and recycling arts

What keeps me less wondering, is the big success of Paul the Octopus. The small creature, only two years old, that became so famous foretelling the outcomes of Germany's soccer games at the world championship. Somehow it seems to make perfect sense to me, that a creature strange as an octopus, fascinates us so much.

We will probably never know, how it was possible for the animal to guess all the outcomes correctly. And knowing now that his predictions were always the correct ones, I would have preferred not to know the outcomes of his fortune telling, before the games were played. But there is not much to do about that afterwards.

In about two weeks I will be visiting Ruhr2010. Paul the Octopus is living in an aquarium, somewhere in one of the cities of Ruhr2010. Who knows, maybe he has his own installation by now as part of the European Cultural Capital program. He would be one of the most famous participants.

I will be at Ruhr2010 at the end of August. I will be giving a lecture on the relation between recycling arts and the use of the internet. Or more precisely, a lecture looking into what connects reycling and the digital age. Or, in other words, on the connection between virtual reality and my work creating wallets from empty milk packages...

I've been searching for an answer to that question for about two years now. Maybe Paul the Octopus can help me to find a connection...

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