Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What exactly is an artist's statement?

Nowadays artists often create works in very different fields. Many artists are not just a 'painter' or a 'sculpturer' or a 'musician' anymore. This can be difficult when you need to put together your biography. But even if all the different kinds of work that you make, seem to have little in common, there is always one important element that connects all of them together: you!

All these works were made by you. Now it is up to you to find out what all these works connects together. What is your 'fingerprint', your 'signature'? What are the themes that are visible in your work. What inspires your work? Which elements keep coming back in your work? Which keywords would you use to describe your work? Don't think of keywords like 'photography', 'digital art' or 'video', but think of keywords like 'nature', 'street', 'people', 'cats', 'old houses', 'foreign countries', 'travel', 'aliens', etc. Anything you can think of that relates to your work.

In an artist's statement you explain who you are, what you do and why you do it, in very simple language, understandable for anyone. In an artist's statement you don't list all the projects that you have done in the past, but you explain what you are doing now, at the moment. Imagine yourself talking to someone who you've never met before, explaining that person who you are and what you do.

My first blog articles will show you step by step how to create your own artist's statement.

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