Friday, May 28, 2010

An introduction in 250 words

Two weeks ago I was invited to be one of the first regular bloggers on the new website of the Art Department of the University of Nova Gorica. I am not a typical blogger, but such an honour I couldn't refuse. The assignment is to write three articles a week. That doesn't sound like much, but I know that writing three articles a week on a regular basis is actually a lot of work. So here I am now, writing the first article of hopefully many to come.

Why did I say yes to the invitation? First of all because I like the school. Second, because I hope that writing a short article on a regular basis, will give me a beautiful collection of material after some years. And third, because writing for a blog that is not my own, makes it more official and therefore -hopefully- will give me a certain pressure to really keep up the rhythm to write something every few days.

There are so many blogs around these days, many of them just writing about anything that comes to mind, that I decided to structure my articles around certain themes. My main focus will be on themes that are interesting for art students. And since artists usually are most interested in themselves, my first topic will be 'how to write an article in which you present yourself as an artist in less than 250 words'.

To give you an idea: this article has exactly 250 words.

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